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Shooting sports take a particular sort of skill and a desire to learn that skill, not to mention you need to know the equipment and respect the equipment for what it is. Guns are tools that should be respected and handled with care.

Here at The Clay Bird, we have many different options for you when it comes to shooting sports.

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PULL! Finding the Best Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower

PULL! Finding the Best Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower Are you lacking a friend who is capable of launching clay pigeons into the air for you? Does that friend simply get tired of how often you enjoy going out and shooting? Whatever your reason for needing the best...

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Automatic Shotgun – The Best for Trap and Skeet Shooting

No Pumps Necessary: The Best Automatic Shotgun for Trap and Skeet Shooting When heading out for a day of skeet and trap shooting, you want the best gun you can find. On certain trips, you might not feel like manually pumping each shot when taking a shotgun with you....

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Mossberg 500: A Review of Its Features and Specifications

There are so many different shotguns on the market, but if you want the best of the best, you’re going to have to do your homework. As you go through it, you’re going to see some names you recognize and others that might make you pause. As you start researching...

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