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Shooting sports take a particular sort of skill and a desire to learn that skill, not to mention you need to know the equipment and respect the equipment for what it is. Guns are tools that should be respected and handled with care.

Here at The Clay Bird, we have many different options for you when it comes to shooting sports.

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Skeet Shooting: Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

If you own a shotgun, you might as well learn how to really use it. There’s no use in letting it collect dust, right? Or maybe you’ve always been more of a handgun person and want to expand your scope of interest and skill set to include shotguns. Either...

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Tactical Shotgun: Best Models for Shooting Sports

First things first. Let’s just say for the record that any shotgun gauge, up to a 12 gauge, can be used to shoot trap. However, when buying your first trap shotgun, the first things you want to look for are fit and feel, so use this trick to determine if a gun is the...

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Target Sports Ammo – Know What You Need

There is a ton of ammo on the market these days, but you can find everything you need at Target Sports. Their ammo covers pretty much everything you could need. It doesn’t even matter what your gun of choice is, because Target Sports ammo has got you covered from your...

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