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Shooting sports take a particular sort of skill and a desire to learn that skill, not to mention you need to know the equipment and respect the equipment for what it is. Guns are tools that should be respected and handled with care.

Here at The Clay Bird, we have many different options for you when it comes to shooting sports.

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Are All Clay Pigeons the Same? What You Need to Know!

Clay pigeon shooting is also known as clay target shooting, and the sport is all about shooting at flying targets, or clay pigeons, with a shotgun. With the many different categories of clay pigeon shooting, there are ultimately three different core designations –...

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Side by Side Shotguns: Best Brands in the Market

Image from Yes 4 The Northeast All guns have a purpose and intent to their design. Pump-action shotguns are designed to be reliable. Semiautomatic shotguns are designed to be quick in their shooting. But what about side by side shotguns? There are plenty of good...

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Mossberg Silver Reserve II Buying Guide

Should You Buy a Mossberg Silver Reserve II? It’s hard to beat the classic look of the break-action Mossberg Silver Reserve II. After all, nothing brings up images of traditional grouse hunters quite like a break-action with that embellished silver. And in the world...

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