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Shooting sports take a particular sort of skill and a desire to learn that skill, not to mention you need to know the equipment and respect the equipment for what it is. Guns are tools that should be respected and handled with care.

Here at The Clay Bird, we have many different options for you when it comes to shooting sports.

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Over Under Shotgun: Finding the Best One

Do normal shotguns not work for you? Maybe you’re searching for an upgrade for your trap and skeet shooting days, and you want to try something new in the world of shotguns. Enter the over under shotgun. Typically reserved specifically for target shooting, you’re not...

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Best Lever Action Shotgun for Trap and Skeet Shooting

If you’re considering getting involved in trap or skeet shooting, you’re probably thinking about finding the best shotgun for the job. There are so many different kinds of shotguns that it can get really overwhelming very quickly to decide which one to choose.As you...

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Beretta A300: A Complete Review of its Specification

When you start talking about shotguns, you’re going to hear names like Remington and Mossberg. You’re also likely to hear Beretta mentioned as well.The company may or may not have the same breadth of models available that other manufacturers do, but that doesn’t mean...

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