Like many gun enthusiasts, you will probably shoot just about any time you get an opportunity. Nothing beats the true experience of testing out a variety of shooting situations, including at gun ranges.

Even though your immediate area might have limited access to these gun ranges, there are so many great shooting locations across the country – from indoors to outdoor shooting ranges.

So, “What is the best gun range near me?” Here are some great picks that you should certainly consider.

Top 8 Shooting Ranges to Visit

1. Shooter’s World, Florida

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This is not only the largest shooting range in Florida, but also comes with steel targets for its patrons. You can carry your own firearms or use the wide variety of rentals available. Don’t forget to bring other gun aficionados to this gun paradise.

2. Athena Gun Club, Texas

Over in Texas, you get a 5-star rated National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) shooting range. This Houston range rents out just about any type of ammunition including the S&W’s, Glocks, and Sig Sauers.

But what makes Athena Gun Club stand out is its virtual training simulators. These simulators work like the interactive shooting ranges that you’ll find online. They simulate marksmanship training, stress decision making situations, and other major courses.

3. Silver Eagle Group, Virginia

It’s difficult to find scenario-based ranges that are open to the public, but the Silver Eagle Group is not your ordinary outdoor gun range. It not only comes with full public access, but you can also reserve some areas for private shooting events.

You can bring your own firearms or rent from their onsite arsenal.

4. Ben Avery Shooting Range, Arizona

This gun range was formerly known as the Black Canyon Shooting Range. It is located on over 1,700 acres in Phoenix and received a 5-star rating from the National Association of Shooting Ranges (NASR) despite being a government-owned facility.

This establishment comes with 67 shooting tables with 200-yard shooting positions each. It’s the best shooting range to practice extra-long marksmanship and archery.

5. Sand and Sage Rifle and Pistol Club, Kansas

One of the best things about this shooting range is that it offers a 24-hour access. This means that you can stop by at 2 AM and practice your long-range shots. However, you have to be an NRA member for you to get a club membership.

The shooting range has 7 outdoor and open-space lanes that meet both U.S. military and NRA specifications.

The facility also holds several junior and adult shooting competitions including the Cowboy Action Shoots and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

6. Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club, New York

The Waterloo Gun Club originally opened in Seneca Falls in 1934, but it later moved to its current location in Waterloo in 1952 after a member donated land to expand the club.

For as little as $3 per hour, you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor shooting environments. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for anyone near the lanes.

The facility also holds regular shooting competitions for all levels.

7. Colonial Shooting Academy, Virginia

This basically a 60,000-ft. shooter’s paradise! It has an on-site ammunition store that offers a wide variety of machine guns, handguns, and rifles. It also has more than 50 private shooting lanes that are suitable for both professionals and beginners.

You can carry your own guns or rent the available ones. This shooting academy offers a number of classes, including Conceal Carry, Basic Pistol, as well as Home Firearm Safety courses.

6. Scottsdale Gun Club, Arizona

With 32 shooting lanes and top-of-the-line gun technology, the Scottsdale Gun Club certainly stands out. Each lane is equipped with a computerized control panel for a completely customized shooting experience.

Members also have full access to the club’s arsenal.

7. Las Vegas Gun Garage, Nevada

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This high-class gun range is located in the heart of Las Vegas. It has 10 lanes and a wide range of fully- and semi-automatic guns. You can also make personal reservations for shooting events at the facility.

8. Top Gun Shooting Sports, Missouri

This is the largest indoor gun range in the Midwest.

It has 18 lanes with a very efficient ventilation system that removes smoke and other ammunition odor to ensure you shoot in a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment.

Members are allowed to carry their own weapons or rent from the onsite arsenal.

Know the Rules Before Visiting Gun Ranges

Most shooting ranges do not allow steel case ammunition, some ranges recycle the used brass at the end of the day, and others may rent out weapons. The range may require you to purchase ammunition from them, but some let you bring your own So, it’s always best to ask what the rules are before you go.

All in all, the most important aspect when visiting a gun range is to follow the safety precautions. Doing otherwise can lead to embarrassing instances, or worse, fatal accidents.

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