The shotgun as a firearm has a well-established place in the world of sports shooters, hunters, and professional soldiers and police officers around the world. For many of these good people, having the right shotgun shell vest is extremely important to their sport or professional needs.

There are many different types of these vests in the marketplace, made of all kinds of materials and suitable for the different seasons. Some hold a great number more shotgun shells than others and have room for other items, such as wallets, cellphones, and even first aid kits, hunting knives, flashlights, etc.

Shotgun shell vests store shotgun shells for use when shooting for sport or hunting, or in some cases for tactical purposes. They also are useful to keep warm or cool, and to guard against rain, sleet, or snow in bad weather.

There is a wide selection available overall, so finding the right shotgun shell vest for you and your needs should not be too much of a challenge.

Preferred Shotgun Shell Vest Selections

Shotgun shell vests usually come in a range of different types. Some of these vests have various colorings for use in natural surrounding for vastly different purposes as well, such as camouflage colored vests to stalk prey unseen. Some styles of hunting vests are more popular than others, and more well-known, carried by different manufacturers in similar designs.

All in all, there are several main types of shotgun shell vests used by most sportsmen and sportswomen, and endless variations and models to choose from. Let’s examine these types and styles here:

1. Hunting Vest

The hunting vest is used to protect hunters when out in the bush or in the field, while providing a way to carry certain necessary items in some cases, such as additional ammunition and items like hunting knives.

Featuring multiple pockets in many models, they are often made of materials such as 100% cotton, leather, rubber, denim or other materials, and certain types are 100% waterproof. Some hunting vests are insulated with materials, such as thinsulate, and are suitable for winter weather and will resist wear.

2. Shooting Vest

For those sportsmen and women involved in the clay shooting sports, many shooters need a vest that will resist the recoil of a shotgun while offering pockets or pouches that hold additional rounds of ammo for easy access, rather than using a bullet holder. Shooting vests are also made of a wide variety of materials, and some have open arms to allow a free range of motion while performing shots.

3. Orange Hunting Vest

One way to protect from being accidentally shot by other hunters when by yourself in the woods while hunting is to wear orange-colored gear, so that you will be seen in the dense foliage that otherwise would conceal you.

Many times, one of the easiest ways to use orange coloring for hunters is to use a simple orange hunting vest. Many versions of this type of vest are available, some with only patches of orange. Featuring many of the same benefits found in other vests, you can carry ammo and protect yourself from gun recoil while guarding against inclement weather and staying warm and dry.

4. Upland Shooting Vest

This style of shooting vest can be used on the shooting range or the woods for hunting, and many models offer waterproof materials, and easy zippers. Some have game bags built into them that are suitable for carrying out small game that has been bagged on hunts. Most of this model of vest feature extra pockets and/or ammo pouches to hold additional ammunition.

Like all these vests, you can get them with all kinds of different features depending on the manufacturer. There is a wide selection of upland hunting vests, which typically feature two tones; brown and orange. These signature vests are a favorite among hunters and sports shooters and sport an attractive simple design.

What to Remember When Picking a Shotgun Shell Vest

Every sport shooter or hunter has different needs, and not all shotgun shell vests are created equal. If you are hunting for instance, you may decide that stalking your prey unseen is more desirable than sticking out like a sore thumb, so you may choose camouflage vests over the bright orange variety. You may want a vest that is insulated and waterproof, so you will stay warm and dry, or a lighter vest to stay cooler in the summer months.

You should evaluate your individual needs carefully and compare them to the features listed that you find for vests on sale, then pick the ones that you feel will match what you require more than the others. Style and appearance may also factor into your decision, and in that case a mix of looks and functionality should be considered when choosing the best shotgun shell vest for you.

Feature image via Brian Enos

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