The world of firearms has many different aspects, but for many sport shooters and hunters, as well as professionals such as soldiers and police officers, there is a definite need for the presence of the bullet holder among standard equipment.

Bullet holders come in many types and varieties, and can hold bullets for handguns, shotguns, and rifles in various capacities, from just a few rounds to a large supply. Bullet holders are used on firing ranges, in the bush or field when hunting, and on the battlefield or on patrol for professionals.

Common Types of Bullet Holders

Bullet holders have a long history. One of the most notable forms of bullet holder is the bandolier, which was used by many revolutionary forces back in time. Still used today, this bullet holder would criss-cross the chest area and hold many rounds of ammunition and is suitable for many combat situations.

Most modern hunting or sports shooting is done with smaller bags, pouches, or other types of bullet holders that are not so extravagant as the bandolier, but are very effective in supplying ammo when needed.

Bullet holders are designed with a variety of materials and are made to be fitted onto clothing, guns, or stand alone to be carried. When shooters go to make their shot, ample supplies of bullet rounds are necessary to be able to shoot at targets or hunt effectively. Soldiers and police officers get in combat or situations that require rapid reloading of firearms in a timely, efficient manner when critical.

Some of the different bullet holders available for sportsmen and women have a variety of different features. Some of the types of models and features you will commonly find are listed here for your convenience:

  • Butt-Mounted Open-Style Bullet Holders: These bullet holders are mounted on the butt stocks of shotguns and rifles and will fit varying numbers of bullets securely.

Ranging from 4-10 rounds of ammunitions usually, they will fit all shotgun, rifle, and handgun ammunition types, typically, although some models are suited best for certain ammo only. The materials used in these bullet holders are sometimes waterproof. Leather, plastic, cloth, rubber, and other materials can be used. This form of bullet holder makes it easy to access the bullets as they are being used.

  • Belt Carrier Bullet Holder: This type of bullet holder is quite common, and these belt models feature easy access to a larger supply of bullets. Many different materials are frequently used, and this can be used as a shotgun shell holder or also for rifle rounds. Open style or closed-case, the belt carriers are used by many as they are convenient and won’t easily spill bullets.
  • Ammo Bag: Ammo bags are used in many situations but are not as portable and maneuverable in situations where quick action needs to take place, such as hunting. These are fine for sport shooting events and come in various sizes to hold sometimes large amounts of ammo for continuous shooting events.
  • Ammo Pouch: These pouches usually hold just a few rounds of ammunition and can be used to mainly store small numbers of bullets for use. Uses for this type of arrangement include some hunting or home defense purposes. The use of ammo pouches is meant to be for short term situations where only a few bullets are needed at a time.
  • Shotgun Shell Pouch: For those who use a lot of shotgun shells, such as some hunters and many clay shooting sportsmen and women, the shotgun shell pouch is an ideal way to carry and use shotgun shells when you are using your firearm for an extended period of time. These pouches also come in a wide variety of materials and can be open or closed.

Picking Out the Ideal Bullet Holder

If you use firearms casually, you may not need a bullet holder, but if you are a more serious hunter, or professional, you may want to add them to your arsenal of weapons supplies to enable you to shoot, hunt, or protect more effectively. Start by evaluating the purpose and needs you have for the weapons you use and determine which bullet holders would work well with them.

If you need waterproof bullet holders, or you are storing, transporting, and using large amounts of ammo, you will need a different type of bullet holder than those who only need to supply a few additional rounds when using a firearm.

Knowing what you need and which bullet holder will meet that need is most of what you will require to become prepared. Finding the best deals is another step most should then take when getting themselves bullet holders that will look good, work well, and last a long time.

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