“Rambo: Last Blood” is scheduled for release this fall, and every trigger-happy movie buff is ready to watch the bullets fly in true Rambo style. And when it comes to guerrilla warfare, Rambo’s definitely the king. At the same time, he’s probably not the ideal person to give us recommendations on the best shooting glasses.

Let’s face it — in real life, we can’t shoot like Rambo. We need the safe settings of a shooting range, plenty of practice holding guns, and medical care at hand in case we mess up. We also need to protect our eyes with the best shooting glasses we can find before we fire a single bullet.

Sure, all these precautions might take away the thrill of shooting, but staying safe is worth any number of thrills, we’d say.

But how can you tell the best shooting glasses from the merely average? Well, you have to know what to look for.

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What Are Shooting Glasses?

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Shooting glasses are specially designed eyewear that shooters wear to protect their eyes from debris, sunlight, and other potential hazards while shooting.

While they often resemble sunglasses in appearance, the best shooting glasses are designed to withstand high degrees of impact and also offer enhanced vision.

Shooting glasses are commonly used by amateur shooters as well as professional shooters and hunters. Most contemporary models are sleek and lightweight in design and fitted with features like anti-glare lenses.

And while the best shooting glasses are usually quite affordable, you’ll need to shell out more for the top-notch models.

Who Needs Shooting Glasses?

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You might be an expert shooter, but every time you step out with your gun, there are a hundred accidents waiting to happen. Bullets can ricochet, casings can fly off, gunpowder can irritate your eyes.

You probably wear ear protection when handling firearms – isn’t your eyesight as valuable as your hearing?

If you’re into clay bird shooting, you know the perils of flying debris first-hand. Add to that the risks of direct exposure to sunlight and stray branches or leaves, and you have a compelling case for protecting your eyes.

It’s also wise to wear shooting glasses while cleaning your gun so that your eyes are safe from any solvents that might splatter in your face.

Now it’s important to remember you’re not legally bound to wear shooting glasses while hunting. However, considering all the protective benefits, there’s really no good reason for you not to wear glasses.

Several shooting ranges and hunting clubs require you to wear shooting glasses, and it’s mandatory in most shooting competitions.

We advise you to check the necessary laws about shooting glasses in your state before you go hunting. When in doubt, just invest in a pair – your eyes deserve all the protection they can get!

How to Choose the Best Shooting Glasses

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​Image Source: Pexels

There are only three factors you should consider when choosing the best shooting glasses for yourself: safety, safety, and safety.

Now is not the time to think about looking cool. Those aviators may up your style quotient, but they won’t do you any good if a bullet casing comes flying toward your eyes.

For lens material that is impact-resistant and shatterproof, you can’t do much better than polycarbonate. In fact, several law enforcement agencies are making polycarbonate lenses the standard issue on all their protective eyewear.

It’s also fairly inexpensive, so you won’t have trouble finding a suitable pair.

You’re likely to be shooting outdoors on several occasions, so your glasses should offer sufficient UV protection. The best shooting glasses will ideally block at least 99 percent of UV radiation. You should also choose polarized lenses that reduce the glare from light reflection.

Your lens color can also affect vision quality. Grey tints are ideal for blocking glare without affecting color perception, while amber helps to improve contrast and is great for cloudy days.

Here it’s important to remember that clear lenses can also block or absorb UV rays, so tinted glasses won’t necessarily offer extra UV protection.

Last but not least, you need to pick glasses that have durable frames and enough eye coverage. Titanium, aluminum, and plastic are lightweight but tough materials that are comfortable to wear. Try to choose glasses with flexible frames so that you can adjust them around your ears for maximum comfort.

So, Which Are the Best Shooting Glasses?

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The good news is, the best shooting glasses don’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg. There are several great models out there that are affordable for every budget.

If all the considerations we’ve listed above are confusing you, don’t worry. We’ve handpicked some of the best shooting glasses on the market today to help you make the right decision.

How We Reviewed

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We combed the internet and picked the best shooting glasses that meet all the necessary safety requirements and also score high on affordability.

Sites like Minute Man Review and Pew Pew Tactical had excellent reviews on each of these models. We also factored in Amazon reviews – both positive and negative – to see what customers had to say about these glasses.

The Best Shooting Glasses to Keep Your Eyes Protected

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guy in shooting compitition wearing  a red shooting glasses

​Image Source: Pixabay

If you’re looking for the best shooting glasses for your next shooting expedition, we’ve compiled a list for you. Pick any of these for a lightweight, durable fit that’s also affordable.

BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women - Anti Fog Polarized Shooting...
  • Experience the clarity and safety of our TAC Semi-Polarized Titan's – Colored Lenses for minimal distortion and night...
  • Rest assured with the incredibly durable, metal frame construction of your new Titan's. Built to last amidst inevitable...
  • The optimal form factor for maximum comfort and wearability, the Titan's were designed to be worn hours on end,...
  • Sleek and stylish, to be worn on or off the field, our timeless, classic Italian design exudes ingenuity and innovation....
  • In addition to your new TITAN by BLUPOND, you will receive a Complementary Accessory Set, complete with our EVA...

When it comes to durable, all-weather glasses that look stylish too, you can’t do better than the BLUPOND Safety Shooting Glasses. Designed for both men and women, these glasses provide comfortable protection all day and night.

Product specifications

The BLUPOND Safety Shooting Glasses feature a lightweight metal frame that can withstand any number of falls and scratches. With a rubberized support mechanism and integrated nose pads, these glasses provide all-day comfort no matter what the weather.

And the timeless Italian design makes these the best shooting glasses to wear on the field and off.

Keeping your eyes on the target has never been easier than with these TAC Semi Polarized polycarbonate lenses. With blue light neutralization and 100 percent UV protection, these lenses keep all unwanted glare at bay.

And the smart semi-rimless design is ideal for minimal visual distortion as well as a larger field of sight.

The BLUPOND Safety Shooting Glasses come in six variants to choose from. And you also get an accessory kit featuring a protective pouch, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a clip for easy storage.

Customer reviews

The BLUPOND Safety Shooting Glasses have a customer rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Buyers praised the comfortable fit as well as the crystal-clear visibility. However, some have noted that the glasses do not block glare as well as expected.

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses (Amber Yellow...
  • Amber Yellow Lens/Black Frame
  • Lens Provides 99.9% Uv Protection.
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens Meets Or Exceeds All Ansi Z87.1+ Requirements.
  • Protects Eyes Against Discharged Debris.

Don’t let this pair’s low price fool you – the Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses are some of the best shooting glasses on the market.

Specially designed to protect your eyes from debris, these glasses are ideal for affordable safety while shooting.

Product specifications

The Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses come in four lens variants – multi, amber yellow, dark smoke, and ice.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are ANSI-rated for protection against any discharged debris. They also offer 99.9 percent UV ray protection.

The Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses feature a five-position ratchet adjustment with four-position telescoping temples to fit every head size.

The wrap-around lenses ensure that your peripheral vision isn’t blocked. Also, given the low price point, you can stock up on two or three color variants, so you always have a pair on hand.

Customer reviews

The Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses have a customer rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Buyers have praised the durability, the glare reduction, and find it great value for the money.

However, some reviewers have noted that the glasses are not scratch-resistant.

Allen Company Over Shooting & Safety Glasses for Use with...
  • Large size to fit over prescription glasses
  • Mirror Smoke lenses for bright lighting conditions
  • Wrap around frames for extra protection & coverage
  • Ansi Z87 impact resistant
  • Metallic coating on lenses with 100% UV protection

If you’ve despaired of finding shooting glasses that fit over your prescription spectacles, these glasses by Allen Company are the answer. With wraparound frames and excellent durability, these are ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

Product specifications

The Allen Company Over Shooting Glasses come in three lens variants, so you’ve got choices. They’re built to fit comfortably over prescription glasses and still sit snugly around your ears. The thick sides also help to protect more of your face from debris.

The lenses in these glasses have 100 percent UV protection and are ANSI-rated for impact resistance. For bright lighting conditions or direct sunlight, the mirror smoke option offers the best glare reduction.

Customer reviews

These glasses have a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Buyers have praised these glasses for the way they fit easily over prescription glasses and still offer snug protection.

However, a few have noted that the lenses tend to fog over after a while.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Vapor II Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses,...
  • Introducing our new shooting glasses accompanied with Optical grade, 9-base wraparound polycarbonate lens provides 180°...
  • Safety goggles contains fog-ban anti-Fog coating which minimizes fogging resulting in enhanced safety providing better...
  • Versatile in nature best shooting glasses has Sport temples deliver secure, comfortable fit and soft nose bridge...
  • Shooting eye glasses has orange lens tint which absorbs blue and green light to help reduce eye fatigue
  • shooting glasses clear meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 (High Impact) and is certified to the requirements of the CSA Z94.3...

A pro shooter deserves a pro pair of glasses, and this pair by Howard Leight is designed for professional use. With high-quality vision and protection as well as lightweight durability, these are some of the best shooting glasses you can invest in.

Product specifications

The Howard Leight by Honeywell Vapor II glasses come with optical-grade, wraparound polycarbonate lenses that provide a 180-degree field of vision.

The clear lenses are perfect for both indoor and outdoor shooting and come with an anti-fog coating.

With a lightweight black nylon frame and a soft nose bridge, these glasses feel comfortable all day long. They’re also ANSI-rated for impact resistance, so they’ll survive any falls or hard knocks without damage.

And with 99.9 percent UV ray protection, they’re perfect for shooting in direct sunlight as well.

Customer reviews

The Howard Leights glasses have a customer rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Buyers praise the anti-fog coating as well as the durability of the pair. However, a few have mentioned that the glasses do not fit as snugly as expected.

Radians CP5780CS Clay Pro Silver/Vermilion, one Size
  • Package length: 21.59 cm
  • Package width: 8.89 cm
  • Package height: 3.555 cm
  • Product Type: SAFETY GLASSES

If you’re a clay bird shooting enthusiast, these glasses by Radians are your best bet. With wraparound lenses and a lightweight, durable structure, these glasses combine function with style in one affordable package.

Product specifications

You can buy Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses in clear, yellow and red. The red lenses are the best for clay shooting as the clay shows up prominently through the red.

The rimless design allows for all-round visibility, and the silver metal temples fit snugly around the ears.

With a high ANSI rating, these glasses are guaranteed to be impact-resistant and shatterproof. The lenses offer 99.9 percent UV ray protection, making them ideal for shooting even in direct sunlight.

Customer reviews

The Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses have a customer rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Buyers have appreciated the excellent visibility and the snug fit over the ears. However, a few have noted that the glasses tend to fog over sometimes and that the nose pads break easily.

Which Are the Best Shooting Glasses to Protect Your Eyes?

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Whether you’re a regular at the shooting range or just starting to learn how to fire a gun, it’s worthwhile to buy a pair of the best shooting glasses you can get.

Consider factors like durability, UV protection, fit and lens color, and read what customers have to say. All the glasses we’ve covered above score high on safety requirements and won’t cost too much either.

So check them out online and buy the pair you like best – you’re sure to get your money’s worth!

Which are the best shooting glasses you’ve tried so far? Let us know in the comments below.

​Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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