Browning: The Best Trap Shooting Vest That You Will Need

So, you have a shotgun, you have the rounds and the protection for your eyes and ears, and you want to get out and trap shoot. Now all you need is a trap shooting vest.

Well, there are a lot of them out there to choose from.

But the company that stands out the most is Browning. Its products stand far apart from the others, not simply because they have a couple of options that are good quality, but because all of the vests they offer are top-notch.

Browning has mastered the art of producing a breathable and lightweight trap shooting vest that will fit the needs of pretty much any shooter out there.

No matter which way you go with Browning, it has exactly the right vest that will suit your body size and game perfectly. And that’s because they know and understand those who play the game and what their needs are.

Customer Reviews Tell It All

Vest after vest, Browning got extraordinary reviews online – for all vests – not just one.

And that’s why I can firmly say that it offers the trap shooting vest you are looking for, no matter what weather conditions you’re in or body-build you may have.

So, below will highlight some of the options that are available in the excellent Browning collection of trap shooting vests.

Browning Trapper Creek

[amazon link=”B018LIDFLS” title=”Browning Trapper Creek Vest” /]

[amazon box=”B018LIDFLS”]

No matter where you live (except maybe Alaska or Russia), a breathable trap shooting vest is likely needed at some point in the year.

Because most places experience their summer months, and we all want to get outside during them, the Trapper Creek Vest allows for just that with the 100% poly mesh material it’s designed with.

And it’s a great fit, too.

But don’t just listen to me on this – that’s what all the reviews say on Amazon, as well. Not to mention the 4.6-star rating that the vest boasts. Anything above a 4.5 is excellent in my book.

But it doesn’t only breathe well and fit great, it’s also extremely light. This helps for those hot days when you want to limit the weight you’re carrying but still need to protect your shoulder.

Well, honestly, having a light-weight trap shooting vest is just nice in general, even if it’s not scorching outside.

Other features

Here are some of the other features you can expect when purchasing:

  • Four shell pockets, large enough to fit whatever you need
  • Adjustable tabs on the side
  • Available from small to 3x large
  • REACTAR G2 pad pockets
  • Rear pocket for other gear

Browning Men’s Summit

[amazon link=”B018LI6EKC” title=”Browning Men’s Summit Vest” /]

[amazon box=”B018LI6EKC”]

This one is along the same lines as the above one.

It’s lightweight, and it’s made out of the same 100% poly mesh as the Trapper Creek Vest, so it’s breathable – but not as breathable.

But, surprisingly enough, this vest allows for extreme comfort and movability while you’re trap shooting because of the snug fit it manages to showcase.

And again, don’t just take my word on this, read the reviews.

They’re outstanding.

The ability to move quickly and without restraint is essential if you want to reach the next level of your game, or if you simply want to trap shoot without feeling weighed down by your vest.

The Browning Summit Vest also comes with a lot of the same, but some additional, high-quality features:

  • Two large pockets in front
  • Adjustable tabs on the side
  • Shooting patches on both the left and right side
  • REACTAR G2 pad pockets
  • Two-way front zipper
  • Rear pocket for other gear

Browning Ace Shooting

[amazon link=”B079J1LZDB” title=”Browning Ace Shooting Vest-Black” /]

[amazon box=”B079J1246M”]

If you’re in the market for a trap shooting vest that not only fits well but looks great, this is it.

Especially if you’re on a team because the Ace Shooting Vest allows you to put your name on either the front or back. Or, maybe even a clever team name on one side and your name on the other.

So, maybe you can bring a classic bowling-style tradition over to trap shooting.

Or just have a stylish trap shooting vest and keep it the way it is. It doesn’t matter. Because overall, this is a very modern looking vest that doesn’t need any upgrades.

Browning also designs this vest specifically for the style and the body-build of female trap shooters.

This vest is made out of a mix between polyester and spandex material. This is what gives this nice looking vest the comfort you still need to shoot quickly and accurately with as little resistance as possible.

And that’s a plus for any shooter.

But here are the other great features this trap shooting vest has to offer:

  • Two large front pockets for shells
  • Adjustable tabs on the side
  • Smooth nylon full-length shooting patch on the right side
  • REACTAR G2 pad pockets
  • Choke tube pockets that can hold valuables as well
  • Two-way front zipper

Comparison Table





[amazon link=”B018LIDFLS” title=”Browning Trapper Creek Vest” /]

[amazon fields=”B018LIDFLS” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

ColorBlack/TanMain Fabric Structure WovenSize RangeS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

[amazon fields=”B018LIDFLS” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price”]

[amazon link=”B018LI6EKC” title=”Browning Men’s Summit Vest” /]

[amazon fields=”B018LI6EKC” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

ColorGreen/Dark GreyMain Fabric StructureSize RangeS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

[amazon fields=”B018LI6EKC” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price”]

[amazon link=”B079J1LZDB” title=”Browning Ace Shooting Vest-Black” /]

[amazon fields=”B079J1LZDB” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

ColorGray with Black accentsMain Fabric StructureSizeM, L, XL, XXL

[amazon fields=”B079J1LZDB” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price”]

Don’t Worry: The Kids Are Covered, Too

Browning also offers a junior size as well, so the little ones don’t have to miss out on getting an awesome trap shooting vest.

So, if you want to surprise your children or nieces, nephews, or cousins with their very first vest or simply upgrade their old one, Browning has what you need.

Unfortunately, the options are not as wide as for adults. They only have available junior sizes in the Trapper Creek version.

But you’ll still get a high-quality vest with the same features as before because it’s still the same jacket, just a smaller size.

And it will hold them over nicely until they’re ready to get another one in an adult size.

What to Look for in a Vest

Finally, the last step.

What you need to know to make your next informed purchase on a trap shooting vest.

And now that you know which vests are out there, it’s time to narrow them down.

This ultimately depends on you. After all, we all have different body shapes and needs for our game.

We even have different hand dominance. In addition, we need a trap shooting vest that’s right for us and not for someone else.

Key considerations

So here are some key things to consider when looking for your next vest:

    1. Right or Left Handed Shooter: This is important for obvious reasons. You wouldn’t want to buy a vest with a pad on the right side, get out to the shooting range or trap field and find out that you needed one on the left. Some vests won’t have this problem, like the Summit Vest above. That’s because they come with protection pad slots on both sides. So, just make sure you don’t overlook this key factor when choosing your vest.
    2. Kind of Material: The material will affect how breathable and comfortable your trap shooting vest is when you’re out shooting rounds. Whether you’re in a cold or hot environment, it’s important to match your vest to your conditions. Also, the material will have an impact on style. If this is important to you, keep in mind that you may have to sacrifice either comfortability or breathability for fashion.
    3. Pocket Size: This is key if you plan on shooting lots of rounds and need a large storage area, keep them close by. Some vests have lots of small pockets, some have a few large ones. Again, this will depend solely on your preference and what you like. So be sure to keep functionality in mind when making your decision
    4. Recoil Pads: Different vests will offer different options for the kind of recoil pad that can go into the pockets. This will have an impact on the beating your shoulder will take when you’re shooting. Luckily, Browning offers a very high-quality recoil pad that is highly rated on Amazon.

Which Trap Shooting Vest Do You Need?

It’s official, you now know everything you need to know to make a decision on your next trap shooting vest purchase.

Your choice may now be more flooded with factors and variables. That just means you’ll have a better chance of finding that right vest for you.

And that’s important because having the right vest while you’re out shooting could make the difference between hitting your target or missing entirely.

If you need a lighter fit and something breathable, consider a mesh material. If the heat doesn’t bother you or you want a little more style, consider something with more of a canvas to show off.

So, if Browning has impressed you at all, consider checking them out.

But also make sure that they have what you need. There are obviously plenty of vests on the market.

Browning doesn’t have them all, but they do cover a large swath of what people typically look for in a vest.

And that just means they know what they’re doing. It’s never bad to buy from a company that seems to be doing it exactly how it should be done.

Have you ever owned a Browning vest? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Featured Image: U.S. Government Works, by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, via Flickr

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